★ How to make Soft Chapati / Phulka / Roti | Chapati Recipe | Phulka Recipe

★ How to make Soft Chapati / Phulka / Roti | Chapati Recipe | Phulka Recipe

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Chapati’s or flat breads are made from whole wheat flour and water. oil and salt may or may not be added. i add some salt and oil to the dough. the whole wheat flour which is used in making these indian breads are hard to semi hard wheat durum wheat. the wheat is finely ground. this wheat flour is called as “atta”.

Phulka Chapati Roti Recipe


500 gms Wheat Flour

01 tsp Salt

01 tbl Spoon Vegetable Oil

400 ml Water


Phulka Chapati Roti Recipe

Cooking Instructions

1) To a skillet add the Wheat flour, salt, Vegetable oil and water and knead well, cover with a damp cloth (slightly wet cloth) and keep aside for 5 minutes, this helps in releasing gluten from the dough.

2) Knead the dough again for 2 minutes atleast to make a stiff/tight though soft dough.

3) create round shaped balls and using a rolling pin roll them into circular shaped flat breads, roughly the diameter would be the distance between your pinki/little finger and the thumb when your palm is completely stretched.

4) on a hot pan but which is at a low flame, drop this flat bread / phulka / chapati / roti and let it cook for 50 seconds and then you flip it over to cook it again for 50 seconds.

5) Serve this flat bread / phulka / chapati / roti’s with any side dish of your choice, enjoy with family and friends 🙂

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