10 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes for Kids | Quick Breakfast Ideas For 10+ Months to 2 Year Kids

10 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes for Kids | Quick Breakfast Ideas For 10+ Months to 2 Year Kids

Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes for Kids. 10 Easy Breakfast Recipes – Indian Toddler & kids. Find the list here:
1. Multi Grain Cereal/ Cerelac or Uggu
2. Cornflakes in Milk Breakfast for kids
3. Poha Banana Breakfast Recipe
4. Blueberry-Banana-Oatmeal Breakfast
5. Ragi Idli (Mashed) In Milk
6. Oats In Plain Yogurt/Curd Breakfast Idea
7. Poha Dry Fruits Breakfast Idea for Toddlers
8. Cornflakes With Rolled Oats Breakfast Recipe for Kids
9. Breakfast Biscuit in Milk Recipe
10. Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe

These Kids and Toddler Breakfasts can be done under 15 minutes. It is well thought out and practical list of quick, easy and healthy breakfasts. Each breakfast idea is different than the others so your kid will get a healthy and tasty breakfast option each day. Learn to make these 10 Breakfasts under 10 minutes.

These are all good healthy breakfasts because the ingredients are balanced in nutrition and tasty as well. Think of them as quick snacks for kids, after school. Ingredients are self explanatory which can be found in the sub titles provided in the video.

*Baby Weight Gaining Powdered foods*
Dry Dates Powder:

Protein Powder Homemade:

How to make Nuts/Protein Powder –

Multi grain Cereal/cerelac-Uggu-Powder –

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Ragi Idli Recipe:

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