Autoimmune Diet: Juicing to Rebuild Health

Autoimmune Diet: Juicing to Rebuild Health

It is important to consume a 100% autoimmune diet if you have lupus or another autoimmune disease. This is beneficial because your goal is to decrease the level of inflammation you have lurking in your body as well as replenish nutritional deficiencies you may have as a result of eating a nutrient poor diet and/or gut absorption issues as a result of a hidden gut infection and leaky gut.

One of the best ways to accomplish these goals while following an autoimmune diet is to use juicing to rebuild your health.

One facet of an autoimmune diet is to consume copious amounts of leafy greens, vegetables and some fruits. Juicing is an amazing way to energize your body, alkalize it, and strip out the nutrients from vegetables and fruits and provide them for your body in a pure, concentrated and absorbable form.

In this video I talk about the autoimmune diet, reversing autoimmunity and juicing to rebuild your health.

I suggest starting to make the mental shift towards adding juicing to your life. I’m not asking you to juice fast or make juicing your primary way of consuming foods. However, I am asking you to think about adding at least one glass of fresh vegetable juice, full of nutrient dense vegetables and maybe a fruit, to each of your days to energize and nourish your cells so they will begin to function optimally and you will begin to rebuild your health.

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