Class B RV Cooking | Sauteed Kale Salad | Healthy Recipes

Class B RV Cooking | Sauteed Kale Salad | Healthy Recipes

This sauteed kale salad is packed with nutrients and flavor. Lightly sautéing the kale minimizes the kales bitterness and makes it more tender. Since kale can be an acquired taste, this is a great way to prepare kale for “newbies” to this superfood.

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This meal also comes together very quickly if you have some basic prepped food items in your refrigerator.
Here are some commonly prepped foods for me that I put to use:
Cooked chicken – If I’m not prepping a specific recipe for protein then I simply bulk cook a batch of plain, lightly seasoned with only salt and pepper. Leaving the chicken plain allows you to incorporate into other recipes throughout the week, seasoning accordingly to the dish you are making. This also gives you variety throughout the week using the same prepped chicken.
Diced onion – having diced or sliced onions in the fridge will make cooking so much easier. Many of my meals will use some sauteed onion at the beginning of the preparation, or raw on top.
Chopped greens (kale in this case) – When I go grocery shopping, it is also a requirement that I immediately prep to some extent in order to fit it all in my mini dorm-sized refrigerator. I bought 2 big bushels of kale that took a large amount of space. Once I clean and chop it I portion it out into ziploc baggies, 3-4 oz of greens per baggie. Using the ziploc allows you to squeeze the air out and compact the greens to be much smaller. When I buy large tubs of spinach or field greens from Costco/Sam’s I have to transfer this to a large ziploc bag. The plastic tub literally will not fit in my fridge.
The other items used on this recipe were not prepped, but were convenient quick ingredients: canned beans, pepitas, jalapeno, lime, spices, and avocado.
A few of my favorite prep tools:

These “Rubbermaid Brilliant” containers keep my produce crisper and fresher in my Nova Kool refridgerator. They really do help protect from the intense condensation my fridge kicks out. I also add clean paper towel at the base and on top of my veggies so any moisture that does come in hits the towels first before my vegetables. These are a game changer!

I always keep a roll of my EZ Cutting boards on hand. When I am out boondocking or dry camping I use the cutting boards to protect my main cutting board from salmonella. I also use food prep gloves. I buy chicken in bulk from Sam’s Club or Costco and process it all at once. When I process, I drain out all of the packaging liquid then cut the large breasts into appropriately sized pieces for single portions. I also dice up a big majority of the chicken as well. I will then Ziploc them. It makes cooking meals so much quicker when you don’t have to fiddle with breaking it down every time! The diced chicken is great because it is quick for stir-fries and doesn’t require a fork and knife to cut while eating (we usually eat without tables set up). Since I process chicken in bulk I use the plastic cutting board and prep gloves minimally.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions on prepping, portioning, etc. to help you with your planning. Being set up with proper food planning is key for staying on track!