COOK WITH DANN: Korean Beef Rice Bowl! | Cooking On A Budget

COOK WITH DANN: Korean Beef Rice Bowl! | Cooking On A Budget

Korean Beef Rice Bowl! | Cook With Me!

Today Dann does A Cook With Me on our Korean Beef Rice Bowls!


2 Cucumbers
2 cloves of garlic
2 inches of ginger root
1 cup jasmine rice (we used basmati)
1 small bush of green onions
1.5lbs ground beef
chili-garlic sauce
crushed red pepper
rice vinegar
soy sauce
toasted sesame oil

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My name is Haylee! I had my first child (Hazzel) When I was only 16 with my high school crush at the time. Shortly after Hazzel’s birth we spilt up & Tried to co parent, Turns out he wasn’t ready for fatherhood and signed his rights away when Hazzel turned 2. I met someone new, started a relationship, got married & ended up splitting up. He is no longer involved in Hazzel’s life. After being a single young mom yet again I decided to stay with my parents to help pay off debt and make a better life for my daughter, I then started a romantic relationship with my current boyfriend Dann who had a son named Dustin from a previous relationship! Soon after I found out that I was surprisingly expecting a baby boy who we named Sterling! Now we are one big happy blended family Vlogging it all for youtube!
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Hazzel’s Birthday is May 17th, 2012
Dustin’s Birthday is April 14th, 2016
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Out of Respect for his mom I am respecting her wishes by not having him involved with the channel! Being a public figure isn’t for everyone & I understand that!

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