Fruit Cocktail Coffee Cake : Trailer Park Cooking Show

Fruit Cocktail Coffee Cake : Trailer Park Cooking Show

Jolene Sugarbaker is back inside The Trailer Park Test Kitchen!
This time, she shows you how to make a cake out of a Can Of Fruit Cocktail!

Everyone has grown up with Fruit Cocktail, whether you were excited to see it as a dessert option is another story…

But did you know you could “Hide” it inside a cake and it sure does turn it into something fancy, but still great for your budget!

My Fruit Cocktail Cake has flavors of Vanilla, Coconut, Pecans and Sinful Brown Sugar!

It has a great glaze that you pour over the top, this cake is really best served still warm or zapped in the Microwave!

Impress your guests with this Budget, but Fancy Looking Treat!

Easy Ingredients you most likely already have in your cabinet!

Join Jolene Sugarbaker, Tasty Award Winner 2010 for Best Comedy Series as she whips up another fun Trailer Park Treat!

Would you use regular Fruit Cocktail? Or one of the Fancier Kinds?
Do you like Fruit Cocktail?
Any Fruit Cocktail Stories from growing up?

New Recipe Feature!
Look for the special code in the dessert section, scan it with your Cell Phone Bar Code Reader, and have my recipe Zapped right to your phone!

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