Fun Picky Eater School Lunch Ideas

Fun Picky Eater School Lunch Ideas

Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing the school lunches I made for my picky eater this week. In the midst of me sharing lunches, my channel was taken over by you know who.
Despite all of this child’s shenanigans surprisingly, this week I was able to slip in some fresh spinach into Jala’s lunch wraps. This is a big win for us because this kid is picky.
We were also able to add some fun to her lunches by using some accessories of one of her favorite cartoons. Let’s just say she was over the rainbow with this week’s lunches.
Lunch Timestamp
Monday: 0:41
Bag of the Day: 1:22
Tuesday: 2:30
Wednesday: 3:28
Thursday: 4:16
Friday: half day no lunch

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