Greek Pita Pockets Recipe | Dawat | Desi Food

Greek Pita Pockets Recipe | Dawat | Desi Food

Greek Pita Pockets recipe are scrumptious! Try them out and we assure you, you won’t stop eating!

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to watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Greek Pita Pockets And Crispy Greek Style Pie Recipes.This show of Dawat with Chef Abida Baloch aired on 27 February 2020.

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Greek Pita Pockets:

Chicken breast 300 gm
Lemon juice 2 tbsp
Oil 6 tbsp
Dried oregano 1 tsp
Garlic (minced) 3 cloves
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Cucumber (sliced) 1
Cherry tomatoes 1 cup
Red onion (sliced) ½
Feta or cottage cheese ½ cup
Mint leaves (chopped) ¼ cup
Olives ½ cup
Vinegar 2 tbsp
Pitas (toasted) 4

In a bowl add chicken breast, half garlic, oil, lemon juice, salt, black pepper and oregano. Mix and marinate. Then grill the chicken and cut the slices. Now in another bowl add cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta or cottage cheese, mint leaves and olives. Mix well. Then add the remaining garlic, vinegar, oil, salt and black pepper. Heat it up and add to the salad. Now cut pita and make pocket. Then add greek salad and grilled chicken in it. Serve hot.

Crispy Greek Style Pie:

Oil 3 tbsp
Onion (chopped) 1 large
Green onions (chopped) 1 bunch
Garlic (minced) 2 cloves
Spinach (chopped) ½ kg
Fresh coriander (chopped) ½ cup
Eggs (beaten) 2
Feta or cottage cheese 1 cup
Phyllo dough 8 sheets
Oil ¼ cup
Salt, black pepper to taste

Heat oil in a pan, sauté vegetables and garlic together. Then add salt and black pepper. Mix well. Now add eggs, cheese and fresh coriander. Mix well. Then grease the baking tray and place phyllo dough. Now brush the dough with oil. Then add cheese mixture and spinach mixture. Now bake it in an oven until golden brown. Serve hot.