Juicing for Health Matters – Benefits of Juicing – FREE Juicing Recipes

Juicing for Health Matters – Benefits of Juicing – FREE Juicing Recipes

Click on the link to find delicious FREE juice recipes.

In this video I demonstrate juicing for health with my brand new Samson 6 in 1 juicer. It is a juicer that is perfect for delicious and nutritious fruit and healthy vegetable juicing – green juicing really boost any derived health benefits of juicing. So I decided that this would be the best juicer for my family. I bought it from Amazon and it arrived a couple of days later in perfect condition. In the video I am making a simple Magic Juice of apple, cucumber, and carrot, which is an excellent recipe if you’re juicing for health reasons.

I decided to start juicing for health as a new-year resolution because I have had first hand experience of how wonderful fresh juice is for vitality and keeping well. I wanted to start the year feeling more energized and I also wanted to make sure that my 12 year old son was getting enough goodness in his diet and so juicing for health will give me peace of mind in that respect.

There is no doubt I my mind that juicing for health is extremely beneficial. But how do I know this when I am not a doctor?

I tried juicing for health out on my wife when she was pregnant! We have called it the Magic Juice ever since. I had read that juicing for health worked and so I made my wife a couple of large glasses of fresh raw juice every day. I used every fruit and vegetable I could get my hands on, because I didn’t want her to get too much of just one thing in case we went into over load! We didn’t use any juicing for health recipes The drinks were usually green and she drank them down, sometimes holding her nose because they didn’t always taste too good but she knew that we were juicing for health benefits, so she was very willing.

When she had her blood tested, we saw the real benefits of juicing. The nurse couldn’t believe her eyes! She said my wife had the strongest blood she had seen in a very long time. She said that we had given our baby the best start possible! That was all the proof we needed about the health benefits of juicing.

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Why we Should all be Juicing for Health (in case you don’t know!)

Juicing for health, particularly green juice, gives you an extra boost and is very beneficial because it ensures that the foods that are full of goodness outweigh the harmful foods you eat. Once you know that you are eating very well, then you can be sure that your body has everything it needs to become stronger and able to fight off harm.

Juicing for health is not intended to replace any part of your everyday diet. You should not cut out anything at all because, even though the juicing health benefits are very high, juice has very little fiber, so it should never be taken in to replace a balanced meal. Juicing for health is a supplement.

Juicing for health and weight loss works. Nobody could eat a plateful of raw kale, and half a cucumber, followed by an apple and a raw carrot! But it is easy to drink all that. And you drink it before eating it will fill you up, so you’ll eat less. The extra energy will make you feel like taking up a sport! So we have a win-win situation.

So, I decided to treat my family to a masticating juicer. I bought a Samson 6 in 1 juicer because it had excellent reviews and it was slightly cheaper than it’s competitors. Centrifugal style juicers are not for juicing wheatgrass, or leafy green vegetables, the heat of the spinning damages the goodness and so reduces the health benefits of juicing.

I encourage you to click on the link above to find some Free easy health juicing recipes.

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