juicing for prostatitis

juicing for prostatitis

I am sure there is more information on these vegtables, I wrote this late a night right after filming the juicing. I will post a link to the video to so you guys atleast see what i was trying to do (:

Hello from pureprostate.com
Your watching juicing for prostate health
Vegetable juice is best within 15 minutes of juicing. Your body starts absorbing the nutrients as soon as it reaches your gum line.

First you got to buy your vegetables
Go to your local whole foods or whatever store sells organic produce. If your lucky you may have a farmers market nearby where you can get a great deal on organic veggies

For this prostatitis cocktail
You will need


Parsley would be great in this recipe to
I just didn’t think of it while I was at the store.

More greens for health benefits more fruits for taiste.

You should wash off all the chemicals, insecticides and dirt. Basically all the things you don’t want to eat. You can buy all kinds of vegetable scrubbers, they all work fine, if you cant find one the rough side of a clean sponge will work.

Kale contains a bunch of Chlorophyll vitamin c, iron, calcium, vitamin a, vitamin k and ton of other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Its recommended for almost every ailment in juicing health books. We will be using two kinds of kale, green kale and dyno kale.

Turmeric has natural anti inflammatory effects. Strengthens bones, powerful antioxidant,
And recently there is reports that it can slow stomach and prostate cancer
There is a wonderful article about it on greatestherbsonearth website with all the sources sited. With prostatitis were pretty much in it for the anti inflammatory properties. Provides temporary relief and allows the prostate room to heal.

Ginger is in the same family as turmeric it settles the stomach, works better than any prescription for motion sickness in clinical trials and lots of other great things, but most importantly for sufferers of prostititis it increases circulation. Since the prostate has little blood circulation, you need to keep it going as best as possible in order for other treatments to work, or your bodies natural healing process.

Spinach is a strong anti oxidant, it contains lipoic acid, which helps all the good vitamins and antioxidants regenerate. It has loads of vitamin c, which is really essential to your body’s natural healing process.

Beats help you build good blood, strengthens your prostate, increases sexual stamina, normalizes blood pressure, and detoxifies the liver. The beat tops are a major mood booster, which is great because prostatitis can be terribly depressing and a weak will, can inhibit chances of recovery.

Apples are full of flavonoids and polyphenols, which are being studied for all kinds of positive things, they break down bad cholesterol and detox the liver, which is good for your whole body. When your juicing lots of dark greens, and vegetables with strong bitter flavors, apples balance it out and makes the drink taste great
Don’t juice the seeds though; they contain arsenic which is poison.

Grapefruits are full of Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium and lots of vitamin C, they can cure fatigue which is a common side effect of prostatitis.

Garlic is a strong antibiotic, which is good in case of any remaining infection, it’s a big energy booster and immune system builder. It greatly increases circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Parsley is full of good stuff and was traditionally used for the prostate (or that general area) it can also give the juice a little extra freshness.

I don’t really use the carrot tops, I am not sure about there benefits, for now they go in my compost pile. Maybe you guys can fill me in.

You should cut everything in a way appropriate for your juicer.

Apples need to be cut in a way that excludes the seeds. You can use a special tool for this or just go at it with a knife.