Master Cleanse Recipe for 33 Oz

Master Cleanse Recipe for 33 Oz

Hello, fashionistas! I’m Rose. New Year’s resolution by detox for 10 days. I’m excited to share with you on how to do the Master Cleanse step by step.
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Cayenne Pepper Certified Organic:
Himalayan Pink Salt, 2.5 Pounds (Extra-Fine):
Smooth Move Peppermint Laxative Tea:
Maple Syrup – Grade B:

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I want to share my personal life and at the same the time I try to actually lose weight and detox myself so this is how I will do it.

Here it’s called the master cleanse and with this master cleanse will help me detox and at the same time lose weight

The fact that I like about master cleanse because my body seemed to like it. Again, it’s not for everyone,
but for me I…for some reason my body like tune into master cleanse

I did it last time for like about 3-4 weeks and I enjoy doing it.

So here, I’m going to do it again you know right this holiday how we

eat a bunch of junk food crappy food all the time and here it’s time to detox.

and I will show you step-by-step how to do this detox because I love it, and I

want to share this experience with you guys. We need, um…you can use any bottle you want,

but this is my favorite bottle when it comes to master cleanse. It has 32 ounces on there,

and I drink this for a whole day. I make the juice for a full of this bottle. And I drink for a whole day.

So, I need that one, and here limes. Limes or lemons, but I decide to use limes because it’s really

I got it from the market,
and we need cayenne pepper,
we need sea salt or Himalayan pink salt

and I will list all these ingredients under my video,

so you guys can just click on it and get to the link

so you don’t have to have a headache try to find the right one

and another one is organic maple syrup grade-B

Again, as long as the maple syrup is Grade-B.

That’s what we want. We don’t want grade-A if you don’t want a different one

Since I do a lot of lemon juice or lime Juice.

I recommend getting one of this it’s awesome!

This is like really cool let me show you how to use it.

Eight tablespoons lemon juice.

10 tablespoons of maple syrup.

Now we got lemon juice and maple syrup

We are going to need cayenne pepper. 1/4 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

Then, I’m going to pour in some warm water in that I heat it up earlier.

Then mix it up with my filter water. I like to mix it with warm water because get them all mixed together very easily.

Then I’m going to fill it with filtered water together to get it up to the brim

because of the bottle label 32 ounces, but I mix it for like about 33 ounces.

That’s how I drink all day.

Then you lit it and shake it.

I liked all the lemon, the syrup, and the cayenne pepper mix together very well.

You open it up and pour in this…my favorite master cleanses glass.

Right there.

And I’m going to show my first sip.

And it is also my first day of doing the master cleanse.

Cheer, hmm… that is so good! My body loves it. Cheer, to Detoxers.