Mediterranean grouper, italian recipe

Mediterranean grouper, italian recipe

Hello everybody, today I propose to you the Mediterranean grouper recipe. The ingredients we need for four portions are: A grouper of about 1 kilo and 200 grams, 150 grams of Sicilian or cherry tomatoes, a glass of white wine, 1-2 spoons of capers, 60 grams of Taggia olives, mid glass of fish or water fumet, two cloves of garlic, a bunch of thyme, a tuft of parsley, some salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
The first step is cleaning our grouper, then it will be scaled, gutted and shaved. After having added a drop of oil with a bit of salt and pepper, we arrange the grouper into a baking-tin. We introduce a clove of garlic and the bunch of thyme inside the stomach and we add the Taggia Olives/ the capers/ and the tomatoes, that we will have previously cut in half. / We season with salt and pepper and we sprinkle with some oil/ and we add another bit of chopped thyme. / Now we can put the grouper in oven at about 180 degrees. After having cooked it for 20 minutes, we take it off the oven and we sprinkle it with some white wine. / We also add a bit of fumet/ and we finally put it again in oven for other 20 minutes.
Our grouper is cooked now, so we can move it to a tray/ We garnish and sprinkle it with the gravy./ We dust with some chopped parsley and we serve very hot. /this method can be used to prepare different kind of fishes, like the bass, the gilthead, the dentex, and the cod. Goodbye everybody by Sonia and thank you for paying attention. Welcome to CucinaConoi English, the YouTube channel of, the popular Italian recipes website. Are you looking for a way to surprise your guests with a tasty original Italian recipe? Than you are on the right channel! Subscribe not to miss any new recipe clicking on this link Have fun preparing our recipes!
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