Pesarattu – Green Gram Dosa – Telugu Recipes – Indian Recipes

Pesarattu – Green Gram Dosa – Telugu Recipes – Indian Recipes

MLA పెసల పెసరట్టు – MLA Pesarattu gets its name because Upma is hidden inside. The story goes that MLA’s generally have guests from their constituency. When they accompany them into the canteen the bearer orders by shouting loudly “Two Pesarattu – One for MLA”. The cook inside sends one Pesarattu with Upma hidden inside and the other without Upma. While chatting & eating with his visitor the MLA coyly blames the cook for inadvertently sending Upma too, though the visitor can easily make it out that he is lying. In short MLA Pesarattu is symbolic meaning these public representatives corner more than what meets the common man’s eye,as in a simple Breakfast Pesarattu.

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·Whole Green Gram — 1 Cup
·Raw Rice — 1/2Cup
·Green Chillies — 16
·Ginger — 1/4″Piece
·Cumin Seeds — 1tbsp
·Oil for Frying
·Chopped Onions for Topping
·Upma for Serving ================================================

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