Steak and Potatoes Burritos | Mexican Food – Spicy Latina Mom

Steak and Potatoes Burritos | Mexican Food – Spicy Latina Mom

I hope you enjoy this Beans Burritos with beef stew and potatoes on Green Salsa! I teach you how to make them from scratch, cooked the authentic way!

Did you know that burrito means “little donkey” in spanish?
And this dish came from a man that used to sale stews back in 1910´s in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua a city in the border of Mexico
to keep the stews warm he started to wrap them on tortillas,
he use to ride his donkey to deliver the delicious food and soon he was being called the “burrito man”
The man started being so famous and people in El Paso Texas started talking about the burritos where after a while he also started selling his delicious stews wrapped in tortillas called since then “burritos”.

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