Use Leftover Potato Chips to Make Dinner – CHOW Tip

Use Leftover Potato Chips to Make Dinner – CHOW Tip

Joe Yonan, author of Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One conjures up dinner with the crumbs of a potato chip bag. You can too.
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Here is what you’re going to do if you have leftover potato chips. You make a traditional Spanish tortilla. You whisk some eggs in a bowl with some spices. Crush your leftover potato chips. Put the potato chips in the eggs and leave them for about ten minutes and they soak up the eggs. Saute a little shallot and combine those in the egg mixture with some shrimp, along with some spices. Put that back in a pan and cook it sort of like an open-faced omelet. That’s how you make a traditional Spanish tortilla, which is something elegant enough that you could serve it to dinner party guests, out of the humblest possible ingredient, leftover potato chips.