Vegetable Khichdi Recipe – Easy Homemade North Indian Recipes

Vegetable Khichdi Recipe – Easy Homemade North Indian Recipes

Khichdi recipe is a mish mash of rice, lentils and vegetables most often served along with Kadhi. When it is raining, one of the things that my family craves for is Khichdi Kadhi and Batata Nu Shaak, along with papad, which adds to the crunchiness of this dish. Khichdi is one of the most favourite comfort food among many Gujarati’s and many homes in around India. Each home has a preference to how the texture of the Khichdi should be; a few like it mushy and a few like it grainy.

Additionally each home has variations to the flavours they add to the Khichdi; a few add vegetables, a few add spices, a few add both and a few who add just cumin to keep it simple. You can choose to make it any of the above ways to suit your taste and serve it with Batata Nu Shaak, Gujarati Kadhi or Punjabi Kadhi topped with spoonful of ghee.

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